Drawn Story

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Demo version

Demo-version has restricted number of levels. Except that, it is similar to the up-to-date alpha game version. Please choose your platform:

Windows: Drawn Story installer (70 Mb)

Mac: Drawn Story compressed app (60 Mb; unpack and run as a usual app)

Linux 64-bit: Drawn Story DEB-package (52 Mb)

Linux 32-bit: Drawn Story DEB-package (52 Mb)

Linux packages are suitable for installing on Ubuntu 14.04+ or similar.

Please contact me at vrecobra@gmail.com for any issues.

Alpha version

The game is in alpha development stage now. There’re bugs, drawings recognition issues and not much levels (6 + 1 hidden) so far. You can support the development by buying the alpha game version under Steam Early Access program. You’ll get all the successive updates for free once you’ve purchased the game this program. Thank you!